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XA1 - Why?

This very strange model appeared in 1982 - at the same time as the XA2. It is a batteryless camera - the exposure meter is a selenium unit which surrounds the lens as per the hugely successful (in sales terms) Trip (an interesting name these days). A smaller lens - f4 and no focussing at all completes this ugly little duckling. Loved by those who hate batteries. Ideal as an emergency spare if you in the jungle.
Lens 35mm f4
Shutter Programmed
Focussing Fixed
Films 100 or 400
Battery None
Size 102x64.5x40
Weight 190g
Value £30
Sold 1982-
olympus xa cameras xa1 model
olympus xa camera XA1 model shutter release
The wonderfully sensitive electronic shutter release of every other model is replaced with a rather clumsy push-button which works mechanically - again a la Trip. Constantly catches on pockets and bags. home the quicker the better!