film & processing

For colour use Fuji 200 - no benefit in using a slower film but some decline in quality at 400 or above. Kodak is simply not in the same league any more - unless of course you want flat washed out colour or grossly exagerated colour. The Fuji gives you wonderfully vibrant yet absolutely natural colour.

For black and white you have a choice. Ilford XP2 gives superb results with beautiful tones. Ilford HP5 - process paid for less than ten pounds will delight you with its graphic qualities - but beware of Ilford's variable print quality - return them if not fully satisfied.

Forget any other makes of film unless you want special effects.

Processing - use only processors who use digital printers. digital printers also give index prints which are useful. Fuji printers and paper are the best. XP2 is processed as a colour film and the Fuji digital lab produces crisp black and white prints.

In the UK some branches of Boots do an excellent 1 hour service on Fuji digital printers but if you want the cheaper 1 or 3 day option, make sure they do it there and don't send it away where there may not be a digital printer

Never use any of kodak's own labs in the UK


life is too short for bad coffee and bad film